Starting a new Business

July 23, 2015
New Business Workshop – an

Select A Title for Your Business

12 Think about several business names that may suit your organization as well as its services or products.
13 If you can do online business, check if your suggested business brands can be obtained as domain names.
14 Check with your county clerk's office to see whether your recommended names take the list of fictitious or presumed company names in your county.
15 For corporations and LLCs: check the accessibility to your proposed names because of the Secretary of State or other business filing company.
16 Do a federal or condition trademark search associated with the recommended names still on your own listing. If a proposed name's used as a trademark, cure it when your use of the title would confuse consumers or if the name is already popular.
17 Choose between the recommended brands being still on your own number.

Join Your Business Title

18 Enroll your online business title together with your county clerk as a fictitious or thought business title, if necessary.
19 Register your organization title as a federal or state trademark if you'll work regionally or nationally and can make use of your company name to determine a product or solution.
Take the plunge, Starting a New Business
Take the plunge, Starting a New Business
Starting A New Business (
Starting A New Business (
Tips for Starting a New Business
Tips for Starting a New Business

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