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June 13, 2014
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Only traders

The easiest way to start out a business in the UK would be to be a ‘sole trader’. Which means just you possess the business and you may work alone or use other people.

You will need to register for ‘self-assessment’ taxation, which means you (or your accountant) calculate a income tax.

Simple tips to do it

In order to become a single investor you have to:

Limited organizations

You'll setup a private minimal company to operate your company in britain. You need to appoint individuals operate the business (labeled ‘directors’) and register (or ‘incorporate’) it with businesses House.

As a director of this business, you’re also an employee. This means private income and business income tend to be separate in terms of spending taxation.

To create a restricted organization you will need to:

Business partnerships

In a small business partnership, you’re in operation as someone but all partners share obligation for company.

  • register for self-assessment with HMRC
  • name your organization in accordance with specific rules
  • run the business as a person
Starting your own business
Starting your own business
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Deborah Meaden on starting your own business
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