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January 10, 2016
Issa Asad Part Time Business

Before taking the plunge into full-time company ownership, you may want to consider carrying it out on a part-time basis, as an easy way of making sure the business idea will work.

If you should be used part-time or have small children and do not would you like to, or are not able to, stop trying enough time essential to operate a full-time business, a part-time company can be good selection for you.

In addition must maintain accurate economic files.

These requirements are the same whether you are beginning the full or part-time business but there are various other issues to think about that are particular to part-time businesses.

Continuing in compensated work?

If you continue in compensated work when you're running your online business, you need to decide whether or not to tell your manager. Your agreement of employment may necessitate you to inform your company when you yourself have another source of income. In addition, in the event your brand-new venture is likely to take on your workplace, you have a conflict interesting which may cause issues.

You truly must be careful about breaking up your own personal company tasks from those of the employer. Using calls, delivering emails, and composing letters that relate solely to your business may represent a breach of agreement, until you have permission to take action. It's also advisable to not make use of your company's products, products or intellectual property.

If you discuss your plans with your company, they might be a source of encouragement or work, especially if you are an appreciated staff member.

Only working the business?

If you do not have other paid work - eg you might be a moms and dad or carer with family duties - you still need to inform HMRC and, if appropriate, sign-up with Companies House. If perhaps you were previously unwaged along with been receiving advantages, you will have to always check whether your new endeavor impacts that earnings, and report it to HMRC if required.

If you are working at home, you are likely to should consider insurance coverage and safety and health problems.

There are certain issues to consider when you begin your own personal business, even in the event its just on a part-time basis.

Are you ready to start up?

You'll needIt can be quite beneficial to examine your own personal abilities and in which you might need some additional development or help - as an example, taking care of the company' funds. You ought to may additionally be cautious about the product or service you want to market, the viewers you are attempting to sell to and everything you have that produces you stand out from the group. You will also haveIt pays is prepared to square up to the challenges and pressures on yourself along with your finances.

Think about premises?

You have chose to run your company from your home; but there may be implications with this with regards to income tax, wellness, security and safety. You will probably find that splitting your projects area from your own living area will increase efficiency.

Money matters

Your online business begins out tiny and certainly will still need funding both for its set up and development to greatly help it grow. Creative reasoning and making plans for your finances might make it less costly to start your own business.

Qualified advice

With regards to the scale of your business, you may decide to think about expert advice or assistance, that may cover anything from accountancy and bookkeeping through to advertising plus it help.

There are a number of organisations, that may offer you support and suggestions about starting a part-time business.

Business Gateway can offer you with help to assist you start up your business. It is possible to get in touch with Business Gateway on 0300 013 4753.


  • it is possible to remain in compensated work and also have the safety of a typical income before business is up and running
  • you need to use abilities you have learned employed by a company to begin and grow your very own company
  • for those who have obligations such looking after dependents, it really is a means of experiencing earnings
  • you can test whether there is market for your products or services without an important monetary dedication
  • when you have an interest that you'd spending some time on outside work anyhow, you may be able to make funds from your passions


  • finding the time to operate a company is difficult also it might take up more time than you have available
  • you may find it hard to concentrate on paid work if business has an issue
  • you may have to place in long hours, that may trigger anxiety
  • it could take a long time when it comes to start up business to build up and become viable
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