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September 23, 2016
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easy as pi pizzaMatt Weinberger/Business InsiderMy tasty pizza from as simple Pi.Last night, looking for a quick and easy dinner, I opened up as simple Pi, an app that's been sitting to my phone for quite a while. We pressed a button — and twenty minutes later on, I was eating a hot, fresh, fancy-pants pizza.

Even better, it had been no-cost: as simple Pi is really new, they truly are prepared to give each of its people a free of charge pizza pie just to try it out.

On its website, Easy as Pi, also called Pi Pizza, calls itself a "hyper-fast artisan pizza distribution service, " which seems about correct.

The program is a lot like calling an Uber: Set where you are, choose your cake, and succeed really quick and carry it out to you. I purchased my pizza pie a little after 6:00pm; I became consuming at 6:20.

It's not a fresh concept — there's a one-button pizza distribution application that's actually known as "drive for Pizza" — and startups like Spoonrocket, Sprig, and Munchery being doing superquick meals-on-demand for a time in bay area. Uber recently got into the market also.

Much more limiting, Easy as Pi is open on weekdays from 6pm to 10pm. And has now a super-limited distribution range, too, only at this time delivering to bay area's Mission District additionally the surrounding area.

But, seriously, y'all. Hot, fresh pizza in 20 minutes. This may be big.

The tale of pie

Every single day, Pi Pizza rotates a selection of three different pizzas, often some difference on a vegetarian-friendly cheese alternative, a pepperoni option, and a sausage-based combination cake. When you are not using the free first pizza voucher, each cake is $20, which includes taxation, tip, and delivery cost.

Additionally as it's located in San Francisco's hip Mission District, my pizza came with a postcard-sized impress of a girl in silhouette near an automobile because of the headlights on. Regarding the straight back is the name of this image — "Veronica Mars Fanfiction number 4" — and email info for simple As Pi.

easy as pi art printMatt Weinberger/Business InsiderThe artsy photo that was included with my pizza.

Pi's pizza pie is somewhat fancier than your average corner pizzeria. When I purchased, it was an entirely delicious mozzarella and goat cheese pizza topped with shallots, onions, and roasted butternut squash.

The pies are on the tiny side, and of the thin-crust, Neapolitan-style pizza variety. This means, you could give 2 or 3 individuals with a pie, but this isn't truly complement an excellent Bowl blowout.

I particular desire it had more traditional cheese and pepperoni varietals, to be truthful. Part of why it took me personally such a long time to open up the app may be the seemingly eternal await a pie that fit my acutely particular palate.

Mystery pizza pie

Pi Pizza is a little bit mystical, as you may have collected.

Becoming completely honest, I don't keep in mind in which I very first heard about Pi Pizza, but I'm confident it was through the Twitter feed of somebody within the Silicon Valley investor community.

From its Angelbase profile, Pi had been created by Evan Kuo, a serial business owner whose previous startup, DonorsPlay, assisted application developers look for viewers on college campuses. It also suggests that Zynga co-founder Justin Waldron is an Easy As Pi buyer, as is long-time Google Gmail product manager Keith Coleman.

The web site does not provide many details, either, on that's really making the pizza pie, or perhaps the kitchen it is being built in. A colleague remarked that we don't even comprehend if this pizza pie is originating from a kitchen which is to rule. (My reply to this 1: Doesn't matter; had pizza pie.)

There was, however, an official video clip launching the concept:

The only way I know it really is situated in the Mission is mainly because that is their main delivery location. Which can be great, because otherwise, pizza pie distribution choices inside my household tend to be just about limited to Domino's.

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