Whats a Good Small business to start

November 22, 2011
Coolest Small Businesses

H:\money\promo_art\small-business-week2/227va-2.jpgOur E-Type Test will help you find out what sort of small business chance you're best suited for, based on your individual E-Type. Locate your E-Type, take the test. To learn more about some of the E-Types, click on the links below.


Advisor/Counselor: has actually considerable knowledge and knowledge that other individuals are able to purchase. Gaining the credibility had a need to star inside E-type takes some time, but the most useful of the finest demand high fees.

Builder/Creator: excels at making things, be it paintings, wedding cakes, or skyscrapers. Starting is slow — it will take time and energy to come to be created in this E-type. But long-lasting rewards can be great.

Caregiver/Maintainer: effective at providing constant, dependable, nurturing treatment to others. Frequently, the task is tough therefore the pay is low, but also for this unique kind of person, job pleasure is exactly what matters.

Communicator/Trainer: exceptionally great with terms — whether written or verbal — and excels at communicating complex tips to other people. Competition during these fields is brutal, but so is demand.

Entertainer/Host: thrives on becoming with — or perhaps in front side of — other folks. This outbound individual enjoys the limelight, can demand the attention of a gathering and loves making others pleased.

Investor/Owner: great with numbers, good with money, prepared to take carefully calculated risks, and it has offered (or perhaps is able to boost) investment resources. The potential risks and incentives can be great.

Organizer/Administrator: keeps things running like clockwork. They do well at handling multiple jobs, details and deadlines. They don't really should be the star of program, but without them, there isn't any tv show.

Seller/Broker: an enviable E-Type. Every industry needs the services of competent salespeople. Good Seller/Brokers makes a nice living; great people make more income than virtually any various other E-Type.

Technologist/Engineer: the person who designs, makes, sells or services dozens of devices average folks need but can't figure out. They, obviously, tend to be compensated really, but competitors gets fiercer.

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