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September 24, 2013
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A group of 25 international students has actually attended the summertime school on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) that happened in Trento from Summer 30th till July 11th and ended up being organised by Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

The summertime college centered on methods for using currently available CPS techniques in design, analysis and implementation of CPSs in everyday activity and company activities. Objective would be to supply multi-disciplinary understanding and skills on CPS: Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) studies had been along with lectures on motifs as embedded systems, (networked) control methods, wireless sensor communities, and computer science.

Lectures had been followed by specific tutorials and group work with order to allow the students connect theory with practice, interact with the other person. Each pupil group handled a small business instance and created a project proposition on an ICT application (product or service) for just one for the themes presented through the college. Each team performed marketplace researches, analysed competitors, and explored personal and usability areas of the considered application.

At the conclusion of the summertime college all teams presented their particular projects towards the jury and this is actually the outcome:

  • Irisense provided a brand new technical option for agriculture which will improves irrigation regarding the industries reducing the liquid consumption. The solution was predicated on deploying wireless sensors into the areas, and integrating these with a centralized operator to actuate irrigation points in accordance with user specified policies that keep into account the necessary humidity associated with different places.
  • Clink group recommended and interactive teaching associate application which can be used by teachers and also by students in order to make studying at schools and universities more interesting. The instructors may use the application to establish games of increasing trouble dependent on their requirements as well as on the needs of the targeted pupils.
  • SenSeP surprised every person by developing integrated answer to identify damp diapers mostly in the nurseries. The answer ended up being predicated on disposable natural moisture sensor and transmitter that works as directional antenna that transmits low power radiations but outside of the body. Using a mobile application nurses can receive alerts on the smartphones, total record and prepare their particular work. The group offered even a demo!
  • ColoRea team created a remedy when it comes to colour-blind motorists, picking United Stated once the main marketplace for their item. The applications consists of a device to be installed in the front window equipped with a camera and directional signs. The device was designed with a smart controller able to acknowledge traffic light colours and react in real time to changes to promptly inform the driver.
  • CucinotiC group had been trying to improve cooking into the 21st century. Their answer ended up being predicated on smartphone application complemented with an intelligent cooking device. The app functions as shopping assistant and it is integrated with preparing unit. The cooking device communicates utilizing the app to inform when yet another cooking period has finished make it possible for for the following step.
  • Super Sleeping Sensei developed a remedy for individuals with sleeping disorder. The proposal consists in building a mattress with various detectors and actuators to make certain perfect sleeping conditions thinking about even light and heat.

Marco Roveri, senior researcher at FBK and coordinator of CPS summer school: “The CPS school in Trento collected pupils from many EU countries, and revealed them to challenges, technical, visionary and company lectures given by the essential expert people on the go by entrepreneurs. The pupils were in addition forced to the application of the learned I&E processes to deliver the acquired CPS expertise as well as the evolved ideas into credible company designs. This Is a fantastic opportunity for all of them to test out business opportunities in a realistic environment”.

The student teams in addition were quite impressed by the obtained skills and responsibilities of school: "in the beginning we had no idea on which concept or application to create, but thanks to the lectures, tutorials and tutoring sessions, we produce one idea that impressed the jury", the winning group SenSeP said. Another pupil said "I happened to be perhaps not hoping to work till 5 each morning to prepare the final pitch, but by the end we enjoyed the team work and it ended up being one of my most useful work group experience".

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