New Types of business

January 16, 2018
New types of business

The first step in creating a decision to start a small business is composing a business program. Whether huge or little, every business must have a written business strategy before moving forward. If you have never written a small business program before, you will find sources to guide you. We recommend the brand new Jersey Small Business developing facilities, which have workplaces in just about every county. Discover an office towards you, call 800.432.1565 or go to

What kind of Company Do I Need To Select?

When organizing your first business, there are various business structures from which it is possible to choose. You need to have good understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each type. It really is highly recommended that if you are not sure of which framework is most beneficial for your needs, you really need to look for expert advice from legal counsel or accountant.

Sole Proprietorship

Advantages Low start-up expenses Best control by owner Minimum working capital needs Taxation benefit to tiny owner All earnings to owner Disadvantages Endless individual obligation Not enough continuity More difficult to boost capital


Advantages Easier formation Minimal start-up costs Additional sources of investment capital Broader administration Minimal outside regulation Drawbacks Endless individual responsibility Not enough continuity Separated expert Difficulty in increasing additional money Hard to find appropriate partners

Limited Liability Business

Benefits Limited liability Flexible administration construction and ownership Constant existence Legal entity Better to boost money Drawbacks Higher priced to arrange than a proprietorship or cooperation More regulations than a proprietorship or relationship


Advantages Limited liability Specialized administration Ownership is transferable Continuous existence Legal entity More straightforward to boost capital Unity of activity account having central authority in board of directors Disadvantages Closely controlled Insufficient continuity Charter restrictions Considerable record-keeping essential Dual taxation, except whenever organized as an S Corporation
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