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April 10, 2016
New Idea Award

Afghan farmers cultivate opium poppy because they have to give their families—and for a lot of bad outlying Afghans, poppy growing is the only reliable source of money, credit, and usage of cropland. IDEA-NEW is dissuading Afghans from growing poppy by increasing use of licit, commercially viable, alternate sources of earnings.

Sample Strategies

  • Respond rapidly to community-identified needs—for roadways, water, energy, regional reconstruction—with tasks that foster trust and infuse communities with jobs and income.
  • Build on those gains with long-lasting tasks targeting sustainable development in farming and outlying development. IDEA-NEW is in 15 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces and 152 priority areas.

Choose Outcomes

  • Created 55, 041 full time comparable jobs in agriculture, community-constructed infrastructure, and rural-business development tasks and paid over $7.8 million in earnings.
  • Benefited 1, 089, 356 households through community-constructed infrastructure tasks, agriculture-voucher programs, grants and capacity-building tasks.
  • Expanded 14, 522 hectares of alternate crops under cultivation.
  • Trained 497, 009 farmers on ways to boost agriculture efficiency and 2, 577 federal government line staff in places pertaining to their particular work.
  • Provided instruction to 15, 347 company owners—including 9, 804 women—to boost their company abilities while increasing their particular sales.
  • Facilitated above $8.1 million in farming exports.
  • IDEA-NEW prioritizes regional procurement, and it has procured $13 million from Afghan suppliers.
  • Offered improved care and administration for longer than 9.4 million livestock.

Client: U.S. Department for International Developing

Idea New Ad By Mahesh Babu Telugu
Idea New Ad By Mahesh Babu Telugu
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idea new advertisement 2015
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