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November 20, 2013
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Successful Amazon based E-Commerce Business with Huge Upside Potential Carol's Kidstuff - lucrative Amazon based e-commerce business

Las Vegas, NV

Carol’s Kidstuff is an internet based, mail-order retail distribution e commerce business with 100percent of its revenues produced from product sales through a single distribution system – The business enterprise had been created on an original system of supplying children’s collectable products of items that happen “retired” by the original producing organization. They are items that are no longer obtainable or readily available through typical circulation channels and Carol’s Kidstuff provides the products at market premium while the marketplace needs. Most of the products sold tend to be “plush” (crammed creatures and/or numbers) and children’s publications. Lots of the plush products had been initially made by Disney, Looney Tunes, along with other notable businesses, and books originate from numerous sources. All item is new plus excellent condition. Since the inception of the business during 2009, Carol’s Kidstuff has made a concerted effort to corner the market by buying large volumes of retired product. Their particular inventory is vast, their particular offer string is much more deep, and their particular competition is practically non-existent. Since the whole company runs through an platform, all promoting financials tend to be in relation to 1099-K’s given by Amazon. Fixed costs tend to be minimal and repeatable, while the development of the business enterprise doesn't have restrictions. Carol’s Kidstuff made an educated decision to self-fulfill all sales. After attempts at making use of an Amazon fulfillment center, the principals rapidly knew that quality control diminished and came back orders rose whenever using certainly one of Amazon’s satisfaction centers. After reverting back to self-fulfillment, incorrectly shipped sales and returned sales became practically non-existent and earnings rose accordingly. All product is delivered from a 6000 square foot warehouse in North Las Vegas, Nevada your company leases. The rent for building expires at the conclusion of February 2016 and a one-year lease is going to be performed, effective March 2016. This provides great operating freedom to another purchaser. The buyer regarding the Business may choose to negotiate a long-term lease utilizing the existing landlord and consistently operate from the same place, or they might choose to deliver the merchandise to an alternate place. Carol’s Kidstuff is a viable company with powerful financials, minimal overhead, sturdy inventory, and possibility of double digit growth patterns year over year the near future. Note: almost all product is “retired” yet not 100percent

3 Premier Resort Liquidation Company in Las Vegas Profitable Vegas Liquidation Co. Business Opportunity

a leading nevada hotel liquidation organization in town of Las Vegas, NV with a very good brand name and reputation that is built on the institution and upkeep of strong working connections with major resort and set up businesses in Las Vegas. The complement of exceptional, competent, very retained staff, an intensive understanding of industry logistical needs, and our “built for purpose” gear characterizes this brand name due to the fact high profile performer in Las Vegas. The business enterprise location for the company’s products is bi-modal. The focus for marketing and advertising additionally the product sales efforts connected with this focus are split between your solutions offered to the “downstream” or re-purposing to smaller resort providers as well as its retail efforts. A sizable showroom provides furniture and add-ons towards retail general public. The retail part of the business has grown dramatically as Las Vegas residents start to enjoy the high value proposition and excellent solution supplied by this provider. The direct result of these initiatives and efforts have actually allowed fiscal sales within the 2014 year to exceed $1, 750, 000.00. CERTIFIED BUYERS may GET MORE INFO FOR THIS UNIQUE AND SUCCESSFUL LAS VEGAS, NEVADA HOME BASED BUSINESS Brokers welcome.

2 $380, 000 Income: $100, 997

Improve life & Profit with mind Balancing tech utilize the Brain & Assistance folks have more out of Life

Mental performance may be the control unit for your human body. Therefore when the brain is within a state of instability, it simply leaves one with unpleasant negative effects. If the mind self calibrates & returns to a well-balanced and harmonized condition, a majority of these results fall away. Consumers report relief from sleep problems, focus problems, PTSD (post terrible tension), despair and anxiety symptoms. Inspiration, interactions, sports overall performance, mood and cognition usually improve. Some people also slim down. Art of Attunement has a history with 2 kinds of customers: 1. The first selection of customers at first present a complaint or specific issue that they are pursuing rest from (in other words. sleep, focus, despair, anxiety, etc.) 2. The second group tend to be those who have currently accomplished great success in life, but that are enthusiastic about maintaining their particular edge, like expert professional athletes or entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins.

3 $100, 000 Cash Flow: $495, 000 Seller Financing

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Small Business FRANCHISE For Sale LOW COST
Small Business FRANCHISE For Sale ----- LOW COST ...
[Business Plan For Internet Cafe] $11K/Mo Home Income Secre
[Business Plan For Internet Cafe] $11K/Mo Home Income Secre
Franchise Home Based Small Business Franchise Home Based Bus
Franchise Home Based Small Business Franchise Home Based Bus

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