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October 29, 2015
Here s Lookin At You, Kid

Why you need ton't begin a small business for rich quick

See . Michal will say to you that 9 from 10 startups do not succeed. So that as for those that survive, not many startups bring about an exit where creators become wealthy. Also less in under 2 yrs.

My company, , an online accounting startup, is a great instance. After 2.5 years of work, we were obtained by HPC, a recognised CPA firm within our business.
The acquisition made Cloudsourced Accounting a success, however it don't make any of the founders rich. For me personally, the worth was all-in the ability. Also it was a large discovering knowledge. I'm like I got an MBA but without the bullshit, and got compensated to do it.

Do not get myself wrong—i did so good the energy I put in, but I most likely could have made more cash attempting to sell my heart for some investment financial firm. If you simply want to make a lot of money and so are wise enough to get in, do that instead.

Why should youn't start a small business in an awesome industry

There's one reason, really—more competition. Everyone desires to execute a sexy company concept. No person really wants to make a move that seems boring.

If you still want to give it a try, take a good look at . Fantasy recreations and legal cannabis tend to be huge developing companies. However if I were you, I'd go into farming software. Maybe not almost since cool as activities or pot, but most likely not as crowded, often. And most likely much more profitable.

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